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Oily bathtime fun.

Here is another fantastic movie and a must for those of you who love seeing oil delightfully rubbed into a wonderful set of large boobs. Shiva is a lovely, young large chested girl, with long black hair. In this clip, we see Shiva, who proudly shows us what she gets up to in the bath, talking all through as she lovingly rubs oil into her huge boobs. The effect of the water and the oil makes them shine proudly, whilst erect nipples proudly display how much they are enjoying the attention. She gives them plenty of attention and pours oil on them lovingly, well lets face it with boobs like these, you just would, wouldn’t you? Its hard not to feel envious and wish you were there, and imagine you were the one holding the bottle oil, massaging it into those fantastic boobs!
This is a must for all those of you who love watching oil being rubbed into boobies, Shiva is a lovely young lady, and, believe me, her oily boobs are not to be missed. And throughout the clip she talks to the camera as if she is talking to you, making you feel involved throughout.
Have fun watching!

You can see shiva in her own blog here

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Sandy the big boob Boss reveals all.

This is a video that shows a very beautiful lady in an office situation interacting with you as the viewer. What makes this movie interesting however is the way she is talking to the viewer, it makes you feel like you are being spoken to and are actually involved in the scene that is to come; right from the first moment when she greats you with an “oh hello”.
The lady initially appears dressed in typical office attire, but as the clip unfolds we see her slowly starting to loosen her clothes, leaving the viewer curious to see what is to happen next. Seductively playing with her hair, placing glasses on and off her face, and soon after we get up-skirt shots showing the tops of her stockings, whilst rubbing her legs provocatively. All the while she is talking to the viewer as if holding a conversation and responding to comments made, making you feel as if you are the one privileged to be there. As time goes on her clothes become looser until the last part of the clip where we see her beautiful boobs exposed and the lady teasing and caressing her own nipples. This clip will be a thrill for anyone who loves seeing those office type scenes, a beautiful lady boss slowly showing more and more, then a fantastic pair of boobs being caressed and fondled at the end.

Bedfordshire blonde has her own blog here

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Big boob Lana sucks cock at work

The Official leggy lana web page showcasing the actual long leg blonde stunner performing just for you. For all those foot, leg, hosiery and pantyhose enthusiasts lana hopes to make your fantasies come true. And so, what are you waiting for?

This wife loves having sex, consequently everywhere stunning lana goes, at home or maybe on her trips, lana is definitely looking for a different plus interesting sexual experience. stunning lana always will try to look immaculate and prefers the actual traditional vintage style by using RTH stockings, particularly high heels, top quality tights and also very well tailored suits. With Lana’s vast lovemaking experience stunning lana includes countless tips to have your own penis stiff

lana Cox’s sex likes go beyond fucking gentlemen, implementing all of them as her slaves plus making these people worship her extended thighs as well as sexy toes. lana in addition explores another side connected with her sexuality, making the most of girl sexual intercourse together with women lana cox meets at the job as well as in cultural occasions. Using Leggy Lana’s worldly beauty these people develop into putty within this sluts palms

Like in these pics where stunning big boob lana. sucks cock at work.

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G Cup dildo fun

Guys this site isn’t called Busty Arianna for nothing, and for those of you who are fans of huge boobs this will be an absolute delight for you as Arianna gets out her huge G cup (yes I did say G cup) boobs for you on camera.
See what happens in Arianna’s kitchen, at first sight it looks like an ordinary kitchen but just wait until she opens those cupboards, what you will see behind the cupboard doors is an array of toys and dildos, not plates and glasses. And boy does she know how to use those toys.
Have real fun watching the beautiful Arianna, as she takes you on a tour of her kitchen and introduces you to the huge dildos and other toys she has stored away in her kitchen. Indeed it is her kitchen of pleasure, which has dildos and toys for every occasion. And she needs huge dildos in order to fit in with those huge boobs.
Watch as she pulls out a big flesh-colored fuck toy, which she describes as her favourite then uses it and turns on the vibration. Then she pulls out her huge pink dildo to play with it on cam. Watch as she gives herself pleasure, then uses her clear dildo with lots of suction. Watch her scream with delight as she uses her dildos, boobs wobbling beautifully all the time.
Definitely one not to be missed if you are a fan of massive G cup boobs.
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